We envision a future in lacrosse where no player is excluded from the opportunity to compete and play because of their financial situation. 

Playing lacrosse, or any youth sport, should be a right of passage for any a child who has the desire to do so. The ability for players to rise and be noticed due to the merits of their play, and not the thickness of their wallet, is something that speaks to the common playing field for all.

Our goal is to make sure these level playing fields still exist, and that all youth, no matter their situation, are able to participate in the unfettered joy of competitive sports.

Children from homes in the lowest income bracket are far more likely to be physically inactive than kids from wealthier households

(From the Aspen Institute's Project Play Summit 2020)

Sky-high costs are preventing some kids from participating. Overall sports participation rates have declined in the U.S. in recent years, and the trend is most evident among kids from lower-income families.*

(Time: The Astronomical Cost of Kids’ Sports) 

Student athletes report healthier eating habits, higher levels of cardiovascular fitness, increased parental support, and decreased anxiety and depression.

(From Child Trends [1]Harrison, P. A., Narayan, G. (2003)